Another hot tamale, female rapper has dropped some heat to warm you up for this chilly new year. Omeretta the Great is a young, lyricist from Atlanta that mixes rap and sexy vocals to create trap masterpieces like no other!


A bombshell in her own right, one stumbling across her massive Instagram page might mistake the young emcee for a model, but despite her drop-dead-gorgeous looks, Omeretta is true to the streets – she’ll be dropping her album “Welcome to the Jungle” on Jan. 18th.

The new album focuses on everything from falling in love to flipping the script and going full-on crazy with her haters, like in her new release “Road Rage.” This track shows just how gritty the pretty Omeretta can get when crossed. Produced by CasVa, this catchy tune has already garnered major likes on SoundCloud.

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Her other single, which showcases the softer side of the rapper is “Love Me.” The young lyricist describes a not-so-fairy-tale love story in which she committed to the wrong Prince Charming. Omeretta vows to only commit to someone who genuinely loves her and cares for her. The song  is catchy and timeless, relatable for any girl who has suffered a heartbreak and put the pieces back together on her own.

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Maturing from a once Twitter viral sensation, Omeretta has been growing a huge following of dedicated fans. She is now one of the rising voices of Atlanta’s music scene, and she has a lot to say.

Both singles are available on Apple Music.