‘Attack on Titan’ (AOT) season 4 part 3 (the final season) is set to premiere in March and will get split into two halves. Yes, I said two halves.

The first half of part 3 will begin March 3, and the second half will air later in 2023, according to Crunchyroll.

The official trailer for the upcoming part 3 was released today, and it already has over 4 million views on Twitter within the first six hours.

The epic AOT trailer starts with a young innocent, Eren then it transitions to the Wall Titans wreaking havoc on the world. We see Eren again in his new form for like a millisecond. The trailer transitions from chaos to Eren being free.

My prediction for this final part of this last season is Eren Jaeger is going to die, which represents the freedom part in the trailer. I believe his death will allow him to be free of all the pain this world has caused him and all the pain he’s going to cause the rest of the world. I don’t think Levi will be the one to take him out, but Mikasa Ackerman will be the one who sets Eren free of all his pain.