Boruto Episode #216 Review: NARUTO GOES BARYON MODE

Boruto has been really one of the best anime to watch since the show got into depth with Jigen/Isshiki Ōtsutsuki character arc.

This episode is pretty much Isshiki Ōtsutsuki beating up Sasuke and Naruto the whole time like he did before as Jigen. He traps Naruto in a box kinda like he did before.

Kawaki finally wakes after his long nap and Amado keeps him up to date on the current events. Boruto finds out he’s the sacrifice for the ten tails and finds out Isshiki plans on feeding him to the ten tails so he makes the divine tree on this planet.

In the last few minutes of the episode Naruto has a conversation with his best friend Kurama about this new mode that will potentially cost him his life. Kurama double-triples checks with Naruto to see if wants to fulfill this daunting task. Naruto reveals he’s ready to die for the village at any moment.

The seventh hokage blasts out of the box like a Space X rocket and heads towards the scene. When he arrives, Isshiki can’t believe it is him and Naruto pulls up to run his fade with Isshiki. That will take place in next week’s episode.

Watch the full episode here:

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