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Brandon Bill$ to release NEW MUSIC, “Bill$ Gotta Get Paid” in late Feb/March

by Wayne Ayers
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Born in Yonkers, New York. Brandon Bill$ and his family moved to Miami at a young age, spending most of his childhood in Orlando Florida. While in his last year of high school, Brandon joined his high school’s baseball team and started cutting hair in the local barbershop. Which eventually lead to him getting more clients and the opportunity to move to California. While cutting his friend’s hair, Brandon began to get a lot of traction and attention from local artists around town.

Quickly becoming known as a celebrity barber, Brandon got the opportunity to cut artists such as Travis Scott and Eric Bellinger. Traveling back and forth to studios cutting hair, Brandon quickly fell in love with the studio life and started watching artists create music. Understanding the business and not a stranger to the music industry, as he comes from a family of musicians.

Brandon is the older brother to Recording Artist DaniLeigh (Def Jam // “Lil Bebe”) and Brianna Leah (Bella Dose.) Combining his passion for hip-hop, rock n’ roll, and traditional Latin music, Brandon started incorporating all music genres in his music. “The most beautiful thing about music, especially Hip-Hop, is the different and unique collaborations that are formed both inside and outside of the studio.”

DaniLeigh (L) and Brandon Bills attend the 4th Annual TIDAL X: Brooklyn at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on October 23, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL)

In 2018, Brandon was featured on DaniLeigh’s debut album on the track “Yo No Se.” Slowly after, Brandon went for it 100%, writing more songs and rapping to beats, he discovered a new talent.

Brandon’s one of a kind performances are nothing to lose sight of, you can hear that with his title track “Slip N Slide.” Recently, Brandon was seen on tour accompanying Dani at entertainment events (Rolling Loud, BET Awards, Tidal Benefit Awards and Complexcon) and concerts. After finishing up touring with DaniLeigh, the emcee has a lot of potential to make a major splash with his new project being released in 2020.

WTB: When can we be expecting an EP or an album?

BRANDON BILLS: I’m actually wrapping up all the final details, but Brandon Bill$ gotta get paid Album should be coming late February early March.

WTB: You currently aren’t signed to anybody. Do you think it’s important to stay independent and to own your masters? Or is there a label you really want to sign with?

BRANDON BILLS: It’s important to stay independent and own you’re own masters as you’re growing a fan base and building leverage. While also increasing you’re streaming and views as an artist so when you get signed you can ask for what you want because they see your doing it independently already.

WTB: You have the trifecta with hip-hop, rock n’ roll, and traditional Latin music. Who are some Hip Hop, Rock N Roll bands, and Latin artist you would love to collab with if possible?

BRANDON BILLS: I would like to collab with Gunna ,Travis Scott, Post Malone, Dababy, Roddy Rich, Asap Rocky, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, El Alfa.

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Bills Instagram

WTB: What’s something you didn’t expect in the music industry once you got your foot in the door?

BRANDON BILLS: That’s its extremely hard work!! Damn near a 24/7 job with a lot of sacrifices and if you ain’t about this it ain’t for you!

WTB: Did Travis Scott or Eric Bellinger ever give you advice on the Music Industry?

BRANDON BILLS: Not really! Both just told me I had swag to be an artist before i was an artist. People use to think I was an artist before I became one, so I always felt good about it.

WTB: You started with the entrepreneurial route to break your way into the industry. Do you think it’s important for artist to be more involved in entrepreneurship while their at brightest spot in their careers?

BRANDON BILLS: Of course because if you can offer more than 1 thing it makes you more valuable and people wanna collaborate with you more.

WTB: Are you and DaniLeigh going to ever release a collab album?

BRANDON BILLS: Yeah maybe in the future. That’s my sister we both got some crazy schedules right now, but will definitely make that happen at some point, I know the fans would like that.

Check out Brandon Bills new freestyleNO TIES

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