Gabrielle Union should reprise her role as Isis for a Bring it On spin off. She should play the coach of the Clovers, led by Ryan Destiny.

Normani, Chloe Bailey, and Tinashe should portray her friends on the present day Compton Clovers squad.

The storyline could be Compton Clovers haven’t won a cheer competition since Isis won a championship. The program is getting ready to shut down unless they win the competition in the upcoming year. Ryan character begs Isis to coach the team to help them win the championship. She says, “no at first.” Until her old teammates convince her to do it. Then they can flashback to the moment when their old team needed money to compete at nationals.

Compton Clovers would honestly be great remake for the Bring It On series. They should have Melina Matsoukas at the helm of the film. Gabrielle Union should be one of the executive producers.