Chrisean Rock and Blueface Clash Over Paternity Dispute and Late-Night Incident with Child

Chrisean Rock and Blueface Clash Over Paternity Dispute and Late-Night Incident with Child

The tumultuous relationship between Chrisean Rock and Blueface has taken another dramatic turn as the rapper recently declared that a DNA test proves he is not the father of Chrisean Jr. The ongoing feud escalated when Blueface allegedly took the child out of Rock’s house at 4 AM.

Despite their breakup, Rock asserted that they were still involved intimately, even as Blueface is engaged to Jaidyn Alexis. It seems Rock and Alexis may have shared information, leading to a united front against Blueface.

Responding to Blueface’s paternity claims, Rock revealed that they had undergone a DNA test during her pregnancy, deliberately keeping Blueface off the child’s birth certificate to maintain control. She expressed frustration at Blueface’s erratic behavior when he took her child in the early morning.

“He really a f***ing weirdo. So now I got all my control though, that’s why I had my baby in Baltimore, that’s why I don’t put him on no birth certificate, so steal my baby again, respectfully it’s not your child because why? Where’s the proof?” Rock stated, referencing their DNA test.

Blueface, previously claiming he was not invited to the child’s birth, made the bold assertion on social media that he is not the biological father of Chrisean Jr. The situation unfolded when he discovered Rock was out with her boyfriend, K Suave.

Rock, in response, accused Blueface of using the child to manipulate her and hinted at legal action if he attempted to take the child again.

She shared a video on X, narrating an incident where Blueface allegedly took her son from a babysitter while intoxicated.

The video depicted Rock driving home in the early morning, expressing concern for her child’s safety. She claimed Blueface was drunk and insinuated that he intended to confront her for being with K Suave.

Fans are left wondering about the complexities of this high-profile relationship as the social media drama unfolds, and the Chrisean Rock and Blueface saga continues to captivate audiences.

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