Sunrise Police Sgt, Christopher Pullease has been relieved of supervisory responsibilities after body camera footage showed him putting his hand on a fellow female Officer’s throat following the November 19th incident, Sunrise Police Chief Anthony Rosa said in a statement Friday.

Pullease responded to a scene when a suspect was being arrested for aggravated battery after police say he was hitting people outside a local convenience store. The suspect was resisting arrest and when Pullease arrived at the scene he made things worse. Instead of de-escalating the situation he escalated the situation.

When the suspect got in the back of the patrol car, Pullease approached him and started a verbal altercation with the suspect which was called “inappropriate” by Rosa.

Pullease began to grab his pepper spray and was going to pepper spray the suspect while he was in the back of the patrol car already until the female officer grabbed Pullease by his duty belt and pulled him away. That’s when body camera footage showed Pullease grabbed the Officer by the throat while pushing her backwards. Pullease was yelling at her but they cut out the sound of the body camera footage.

Pullease has been with the department for 21 years, while the female officer who pulled him away has been there for two years.

Watch the video down below: