Hulu’s Sex Appeal is not your average coming of age film. Meet Avery (Mika Abdalla), she is graduating at the top of her class, heading to MIT for freshman year and planning to dominate STEMcon, her “version” of her very own prom night. 

For the magical “prom” weekend Avery’s long distance boyfriend Casper (Mason Versaw) decides that he wants to take their relationship to the next level level, Sex. The problem, Avery doesn’t know what goes where and insists she can’t be bad at anything including sex. So what does she decide? Avery decides to conduct a series of experiments and recruits her best friend from childhood Larson (Jake Short) to join her for a list of awkward sexual experiences. 

Sex Appeal features performances from Paris Jackson who plays tough girl Danica McCollum that teaches Avery how to masturbate. Also, through her sexual adventure Avery looks to her mom’s (she has three) for advice. Ma Deb (Margaret Cho), Mama Suze (Fortune Feimster) and Ma Kim (Rebecca Henderson). As Avery’s moms the ladies attempt to guide and help Avery through this time especially in a “condom” scene that steals the show. 

We had the opportunity to interview stars of the film Mika Abdalla, Jake Short, & Margaret Cho. Watch the interviews here: 

Sex Appeals premieres on Hulu today available for streaming.