Today, Netflix reveals the first teaser and announces the launch date for The Nurse, a Danish Netflix series from the producers of The Chestnut Man that tells the true story of the Danish nurse convicted of four counts of attempted manslaughter.

In The Nurse, we are taken behind the walls of a hospital on the outskirts of Denmark, where everyone knows each other and there’s little change in personnel. We follow Pernille Kurzmann in her first days in her new job as a nurse. She soon befriends the very charming and charismatic nurse Christina Aistrup Hansen who at first seems to be one of a kind, loved by everyone, incredible at her job, and always first on the spot in an emergency. However, as the days go by and Pernille gets to know her way around she slowly starts seeing that there might be more to Christina than what first meets the eye. She decides that she cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening before her and journeys out to uncover the truth.

The series stars Josephine Park (Baby Fever), the up-and-coming Fanny Bernth (It’s So Charming), Amalie Lindegård (Baby Fever), and Dick Kaysø (The crumbs).  

The Nurse is based on the book of the same name by Kristian Corfixen. Kasper Barfoed directed the series. Dorte W. Høgh and Kasper Barfoed are the head writers. Tommy Wildner is the cinematographer, and music by Jeppe Kaas. Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen serves as the executive producer.

The Nurse will launch globally on Netflix on April 27, 2023.