Demon-Slaying Action: Netflix Releases Trailer for First Anime Adaptation of ‘Onmyoji’

Demon-Slaying Action: Netflix Releases Trailer for First Anime Adaptation of ‘Onmyoji’

Journey into the supernatural as Netflix brings to life Onmyoji, an eagerly awaited anime adaptation of Baku Yumemakura’s acclaimed series of novels. Premiering on November 28, this series promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of history, mysticism, and an epic battle against menacing demons.

The legacy of “Onmyoji” spans various forms of media, including manga, live-action films, and theatrical stage performances. With this new animated series, a fresh dimension is added to the timeless tale, focusing on the legendary figures of Abe Seimei and Minamoto Hiromasa, both from Japan’s Heian Period. Together, they confront humans who have been transformed into malevolent demons. Seimei, the eccentric yet unparalleled diviner of ancient Kyoto, teams up with Hiromasa, a well-meaning grandson of Emperor Daigo, to put a halt to the demons’ malevolent activities. 

The newly released action-packed trailer showcases the mastery of Abe Seimei’s barrier spell and an array of mystical powers of divination, while also teasing unimaginable demon attacks that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Adding to the excitement, “Kodoku no Saibo,” the opening theme song for Onmyoji by the talented band Ling tosite sigure adds an electrifying dimension to the intense battles between the onmyoji (specialists in magic and divination) and the demons. 

“Do all the emotions that go into the creation of music, words, and everything else in the world actually come from us? How do we fill the void, and how is it filled?” said Ling tosite sigure. “We have adorned the boundary between freedom and bondage with a most fascinating ‘curse.’ We hope it was also a miraculous ‘curse’ of fate that led director Sobi Yamamoto to listen to Ling tosite sigure and choose us.”

Director Soubi Yamamoto (CoMix Wave Films) is renowned for her early success with the film This Boy Can Fight Aliens and her continued achievements in the industry. Joining her are accomplished screenwriters Natsu Hashimoto and Yuiko Kato, who have contributed to various successful anime and drama series. This series not only preserves the original novels’ settings but also introduces all-new stories as Seimei and Hiromasa battle to restore peace to the capital.

Get ready to slay demons with ‘Onmyoji’ only on Netflix on November 28.

Characters / Cast:

Abe Seimei (Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa)

The greatest onmyoji, or yin-yang diviner, in ancient Kyoto, Abe Seimei is a philosophical eccentric with no interest in the mundane world. When Minamoto Hiromasa seeks his assistance in solving the city’s mysterious events, Seimei discovers the lurking demons and gradually develops a greater interest in people after meeting Hiromasa. 

Minamoto Hiromasa (Voiced by Shintaro Asanuma)

As the grandson of Emperor Daigo and a court musician bearing the Minamoto name, Hiromasa unexpectedly becomes Seimei’s partner in unraveling the mysteries of the city’s troublesome demons. His passionate and straightforward personality often leads to clashes with Seimei.

Tsuyuko (Voiced by Yui Ishikawa)

Tsuyuko is a beautiful noble girl who has little interest in things like makeup and instead collects insects. She firmly believes in being true to herself, and her encounter with Seimei and Hiromasa is the result of a specific incident.

Imperial Prince Atsumi (Voiced by Kenji Hamada)

Atsumi, the greatest court musician in the capital, also happens to be the eighth prince of Emperor Uda, who reigned two generations prior. He is Hiromasa’s flute instructor and always seems to worry about him.

Kamo Yasunori (Voiced by Daisuke Kishio)

Kamo Yasunori is the leader of the Bureau of Onmyo and  is Seimei’s senior disciple. He holds a significantposition in the imperial court as the emperor’s onmyoji.

Ashiya Doman (Voiced by Rina Sato)

Hailing from Harima Province, Ashiya Doman is an onmyoji whose power rivals Seimei’s. But she enjoys deceiving people and consuming their minds out of boredom. She repeatedly crosses paths with Seimei and Hiromasa to toy with them.

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