Did Bobbi Althoff cheat on her husband with Drake?

Did Bobbi Althoff cheat on her husband with Drake?

In a recent Instagram post, podcast celebrity Bobbi Althoff declared the end of her marriage to Cory Althoff, effectively ending their adventure as husband and wife. Bobbi’s social media message offered light on their choice, as she expressed thanks for their time together and stressed their dedication to co-parenting their children.

“As most of you have heard, Cory and I have filed for divorce,” Bobbi shared on Instagram. Despite the evident sadness in her words, she highlighted the positive aspects of their relationship, stating, “Our girls are so lucky to have him as a father & I am so lucky to be able to co-parent with such an incredible father and person.”

Bobbi Althoff rose to prominence as a result of her popular podcast, which featured a distinctive and occasionally awkward interview approach with celebrities. The admission comes after lingering speculations fueled by her interview with Drake last year, which generated online conjecture about a potential romance and subsequent marital problems. Bobbi swiftly disputed the rumors at the time, and the controversial episode was removed.

Despite the difficulties in their romantic relationship, Bobbi expressed a desire to keep a friendly relationship with Cory, saying, “While our relationship did not work out as husband and wife, we will always be friends, and I will always love him.”

As the news of Bobbi Althoff’s divorce spreads on social media, fans and followers question if Drake and Bobbi had a fling during her marriage.

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