Halle Berry is back on the market baby. The Oscar winner, 51, who was dating 35-year-old music producer Alex Da Kid, reportedly ended the relationship in a savage manner.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/HalleBerryFanPage

According to Baller Alert, the actress chose to end things with Alex DA Kid while they were vacationing in Bora Bora. Who would have thought a relationship could end in the middle of paradise.

“Halle broke up with Alex in the middle of their romantic getaway in Bora-Bora,” a source told the publication.

The insider also added that nearly halfway into the trip, the Oscar winner came to the realization that her relationship with the British producer was not working out. After this epiphany, she reportedly had her assistant book her a flight home, solo.

“Halle decided he was too young and his communication skills were terrible,” the source continued. “She said she needs someone who can think for themselves and is mature, smart and all-around adventurous.The last thing Halle needs is to be in a long-term relationship with a man who doesn’t express himself well.”

I mean, Halle Berry is grown woman that’s about her business. No need to stay on an island with someone for a minute longer than you have to, once you know it’s over.