Beyoncé’s new dance captain for the Renaissance World Tour appears to be Hannah Douglass.

Hannah Douglass’ agency, Clear Talent Group, posted on Instagram, “The time has come, and the queen has arrived! Beyonce is kicking off “The Renaissance” Tour tonight in Stockholm, Sweden! Congrats to all of our CT dancers on opening night, and have an amazing run!” The agency claimed Douglass was the dance captain in the same post.

Douglass has performed with Beyoncé on every tour she has embarked on since the 2012 Revel Residency in Atlantic City.

What happened to Ashley Everett?

Ashley Everett dropped out of the Juilliard School in 2007 to join The Beyoncé Experience Tour, and two years later, at 19, she was named Beyoncé’s dance captain.

Everett has collaborated with Beyoncé on every major concert tour and numerous music videos and even performed at the Super Bowl until ‘Black Is King.’

It got reported last month that Beyoncé’s former dancers had to re-audition for the “Renaissance World Tour.”

Prior to the announcement that dancers would have to re-audition for the Renaissance World Tour, fans began to notice that Ashley Everett had liked a few posts that were critical of Beyoncé.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour kicked off yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden, and fans noticed that Ashley Everett was missing.

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