Blac Chyna Confirms She’s Dating 18-Year-Old Rapper YBN Almighty Jay

It’s official Blac Chyna is dating the 18 year old rapper, YBN Almighty Jay. The two were spotted out earlier this week together. Last night they were spotted holding hands. The real question is how long do you think this is going to last? Last week Blac Chyna sex tape with ex boyfriend Mechie leaked which means it could be a PR stunt to make everybody forget it about. I do hope the relationship is real between the two. I just have a great feeling it’s not. This also would help YBN Almighty Jay with exposure because if it wasn’t for Blac Chyna. I seriously wouldn’t be writing about him right now. This could help his rap career it brings in a bigger audience. It will also get him a couple of Instagram and Twitter followers. Blac Chyna confirmed with the Paparazzi that she is dating him. Since calling off her engagement to Rob Kardashian, Chyna briefly dated Mechie before hooking up with YBN Almighty Jay. Well this be Blac Chyna last relationship? Comment Below about this couple:

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