Tekashi 6ix9ine co-defendant Anthony ‘Harv’ Ellison found guilty of kidnapping

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Jury has full verdict in 6ix9ine Mack Ellison case, its fifth note passed out just said. It will be read out in the courtroom. Inner City Press thread here.

While waiting for jury to enter the courtroom, background of last 5 minutes: first they passed out a note they had only a partial verdict – quickly followed by a note that they had resolved it and had full verdict. Judge Engelmayer will poll the jurors, he says.

Judge Engelmayer: “Mr Smallman has handed me the verdict form and it is in good order. I will ask those of you in the courtroom not to react as the jury reads it verdict.”

Judge Engelmayer: to the jurors: “Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. I got note 4, that there was one count unresolved, then note 5 says it was resolved. Let me ask the foreman, Juror Number 11, if this is the form.” Yes.

Judge Engelmayer will read it out: “On count 1 – Mack – guilty. Ellison: Guilty. Count 2: Guilty.

Count 3 – Ellison – NOT GUILTY (that’s 6ix9ine kidnapping)

Continuing: Count 5, Ellison slashing: GUILTY

Count 6, 7 Guilty

Count 8: firearm count against Mack: not guilty

(Count 4, assault on 6ix9ine not reached because not guilty on Count 3). Jurors confirm the verdict.

Now Judge Engelmayer thanking the jurors for taking the case seriously. They are going back into jury room where Judge Engelmayer will go in and speak with them in a bit. He to lawyers: let’s re-convene 3:05 to take up follow on issues (this thread will continue)

Update / “stop the presses” – despite ONE HOUR ago asking for the written verdict, still not provided. Going through superseding indictment(s) and will post the written verdict as soon as it is provided.

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