Did Kim Kardashian Call Whitney Houston A Crackhead?

Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston

Kim Kardashian has been receiving a lot of backlash after an alleged phone call with Ray J from years ago leaked on social media today.

Candace Owens has leaked an alleged voicemail of Kim Kardashian disrespecting Whitney Houston. It appears Kim can be heard calling Whitney Houston a “crackhead” and “old hag” in the alleged audio.

While it’s unclear how Candace Owens obtained the audio, she felt inclined to play the recording in the latest episode of her self-titled podcast as she touched on the black men the Kardashians used to get to where they are today before “leaving them in the dust.”

Owens was spotted with Kanye West last week at Paris Fashion Week sporting “White Live Matters” t-shirts at his exclusive Yeezy show.

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