Jeannie Mai Opens Up on Finding Out About Divorce Through Social Media

Jeannie Mai Opens Up on Finding Out About Divorce Through Social Media

(Photo Credit: Chris Millard/Warner Bros.)

In a candid revelation, media personality Jeannie Mai shared the heart-wrenching moment when she discovered her marriage to rapper Jeezy was over, and it was through media reports. Mai disclosed the emotional episode during a recent episode of the “Jennifer Hudson Show,” where she discussed the unexpected turn of events that left her stunned.

During the interview, Mai expressed her current emotional state, stating, “I think I’m doing better now, you know. I think at the time when I found out at the same time as the rest of the world that my marriage was ending in divorce, I was gutted,” sharing her vulnerability with host Jennifer Hudson and the audience.

Jeezy officially filed for divorce from Jeannie Mai on September 14th at the Fulton County Superior Court, asserting in court documents that there was “no hope for reconciliation.” While the specific reasons behind their separation remain undisclosed, Jeezy mentioned in an interview with Nia Long that they had attempted counseling, but it proved unsuccessful.

Recent court filings unveiled Jeezy’s request for a formal custody agreement, alleging that Mai had not adhered to their previous arrangement for their daughter, Monaco. Mai countered with her filing, suggesting Jeezy’s infidelity, thereby making her eligible for compensation outlined in their prenuptial agreement. Jeezy, through his representative, has denied allegations of cheating.

During this difficult time, the talk show host emphasized the support she has received from her daughter, Monaco. Despite the divorce’s complications, Mai revealed her plans for a Christmas celebration with her side of the family in San Jose, California, where Monaco will be present.

Jeezy has yet to publicly comment on Jeannie Mai’s claims of discovering the divorce through online media sources as she navigates the complexities of her public divorce. What appeared to be an amicable divorce has turned contentious, bringing new challenges into the public eye. Mai and Jeezy’s attempts to resolve the situation amicably should result in a positive outcome in the future.

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