*Cue the Law and Order Special Victims Unit (SVU) theme*
Everyone on Twitter is chiming in on an image released of new mommy Kylie Jenner leaving a hotel with what appears to be a black eye. People have speculated that the suspected black eye could be anything from running mascara to simple bags under her eyes – typical of early motherhood.
The youngest Jenner was allegedly leaving the hotel after being with her baby’s father rapper Travis Scott. That also sent Twitter into overdrive with some people tweeting that the rapper could have possibly beaten the young mom.
The two were allegedly at a Miami hotel after a Travis Scott performance. 20-year-old Jenner was captured by paparazzi covering her face with an oversized black and orange bomber jacket.
Despite the speculations of Twitter, the pair seem to be enjoying parenthood. Travis and Kylie both let their new baby girl Stormi make guest appearances on their social media.
As for Scott, the 25-year-old is no stranger to violence. Earlier this month, the rapper pleaded guilty to a charge of inciting a riot at one of his shows last year in Arkansas.
In 2015, the rapper was caught on video beating up a security guard during his concert. To his defense, he was protecting a fan who had gotten a little unruly. Scott also fought a fan in Arizona the same year.
Whatever the cause of the incidents, it does seem that Travis Scott is quick to go off.
No one knows what happened in the hotel room. Neither Jenner or Scott have spoken out regarding the black eye.
As Jenner was exiting the hotel, Scott was close behind his boo, let’s just hope that he wasn’t the cause of her boo boo. We’re keeping our finger crossed that everything is OK with the couple. What are your thoughts on the image that’s circulating the web? Put your crime scene investigator vest on and let us know in the comments below!