Disney+’s Crater: Mckenna Grace and Isaiah Russell-Bailey Talk New Film

Disney+'s Crater: Mckenna Grace and Isaiah Russell-Bailey Talk New Film

Crater tells the story of Caleb Channing (Russell-Bailey), who was raised in a lunar mining colony and is about to be permanently relocated to an idyllic faraway planet following the death of his father (Mescudi).

But, before leaving, he and his three best friends, Dylan (Barratt), Borney (Hong), and Marcus (Boyce), as well as a new arrival from Earth, Addison (Grace), hijack a rover to explore a mysterious crater.

This film is a heartfelt, comradery-centered story about friendship and coming together despite obvious differences.

McKenna Grace recalls vivid memories of her on-set preparation for the role of Addison when speaking with her. The cast has clearly bonded as a result of the exciting journeys and memories that took place both on and off-screen.

To prepare, the cast of Crater found themselves training in a humid Louisiana, wearing harnesses and enduring weeks of training to best articulate the trials and tribulations that occur when attempting to galavant across the moon.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey, another Crater star, went into great detail about the memories that were created while making this film, but he also mentioned that one of his most helpful tools for tackling his role was his imagination.

He stated, “I have a very wild imagination…I was able to ya know envision all of the things that are on the moon, in the space colony, without them actually being there.”

Both of the film’s stars agreed that the theme of the film is friendship and that anyone who has a close-knit group of friends will likely find elements and aspects of their friendships that are present and closely resemble those on-screen, regardless of the size of their friend group.

Crater, which will be available on Disney Plus on May 12th, is an adorable film with features, technical effects, and plot lines that are suitable for a wide age range.

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