Photo Courtesy of Kohjiro Kinno / ESPN Images

If you were bored and tired of the influx of bad news on Saturday, then DJ D Nice’s Live was the place to be. It was Trending On Twitter!!!! The who’s who of Hollywood was there and I’m sure your mama and cousin were there too. Presidential Candidates Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Forever First Lady Michelle Obama and Queen of Talk Oprah also joined the online party and that’s just to name a few. It was unexpectedly just what we all needed. I danced out to all of the classic hip hop and r&b tunes and even Kenny Rodgers may he RIP! It felt like a big dance party with all of your friends and your friends friends.

The music made all of our worries fade away, if only for a moment. Music takes you to a specific place in time, music makes you reminisce and that’s what we all did. We went back to a place as the Staples Singers blasted from the speakers where ”aint nobody crying, ain’t nobody worrying”. It felt as if we were at a family reunion.

You see In the wake of the Coronavirus we’re all just trying to figure out this new normal and adjust to it in our own way. Dnice gave us all a lesson tonight, and that’s to just do it. We are in a space where we can’t physically connect, but we can socially, and if ever there was a time to upload that video or go live and share your talents or thoughts this is it.

Dnice had the world tuned in to his set, he shared his gifts and in turn it gave us all some relief. That’s what our gifts are for to share and leave people changed. I am full and inspired from that experience and ready to share my gifts with the world. I’m looking forward to the next Homeschool Party where I can put my phone down, turn up the volume and vibe out.

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Until Next Time!

Ashley Dunn