Dr. Alexandra Bastiany Becomes First Black Woman In Canada To Be A Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Alexandra Bastiany has officially made history as the first Black woman to become an Interventional Cardiologist in Canada. She hopes this recognition will inspire others who look like her to pursue their passions.

Dr. Bastiany is a daughter of a Haitian immigrant, she completed her medical doctorate at the University of Montreal in 2011, internal medical residency three years later, and an Adult Cardiology Fellowship in 2018 that was highlighted with her making history as the Faculty of Medicine’s first Black valedictorian.

The Haitian descent currently works as a Cardiologist at Thunder Bay Regional Health Centre. Though she’s been called a “role model” by many in recent months, Bastiany prefers to think of herself as a “mentor” for young Black women. “All I want to do is help the next generation,” she said. Thank you Dr. Bastiany for laying a path forward for the next generation of Black women in medicine!

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