Hearing the words “bad hair” can be triggering for many in the Black community. Young Brooklyn Filmmaker Heman Armstrong, creator of the “S Project” a 2019 documentary focused on mental health kicked off the 2020 year with a documentary on hair entitled ‘Head Top’.

With over 10,000 views on cross-sector social media platforms, reaching over 17,000 people and 30,000 impressions – the 23-year-old filmmaker is continuing to make his mark in the film industry. Released on January 15th, the 37-minute documentary featured 12 Girls and 6 Guys who discussed the cultural history and its impact on communities from texture discrimination to redefining and embracing beauty standards. This light-hearted open conversation with New York City’s up and coming influencers on everything black hair seeks not only to center our own stories but to support black entrepreneurship.

“Being apart of the Head Top experience was something new for me” said Alianna Thompson “Heman really took his time to ensure that all of our stories were heard and different local businesses were highlighted as resources for those to see. He continues to give life to topics concerning our community.”

Although, some can argue that we are in the “rebirth” of the natural hair movement through social media and social events like

‘Curl Fest’ hosted by the CurlyGirl Collective. The narrative on hair has truly shifted to embrace the diversity of black hair & it’s magic.

“Heman was able to use his skills and talent to expose the importance of being young and black — his subtle yet pronounced connection to filmmaking showed me that there is beauty in being passionate on issues that our community speaks about often and putting those stories on center stage.” — Jada Greene

Head Top, truly is a accumulation of how sharing stories around our experiences can create understanding and highlight the importance in having unity in Black & Brown communities. While building relationships on the screen through storytelling – Heman continues to draw attention to the beauty of everything Black Hair.