Erin Moriarty Quits Social Media Amidst Cyberbullying After Megyn Kelly’s False Plastic Surgery Claims

Erin Moriarty Quits Social Media Amidst Cyberbullying After Megyn Kelly's False Plastic Surgery Claims

Erin Moriarty, a well-known actress, announced her departure from social media after receiving a barrage of abuse as a result of Megyn Kelly’s false plastic surgery claims. The actress expressed shock at the widespread nature of the misinformation and the negative impact it has had on her well-being.

Moriarty began her message by discussing the difficult week she had had, emphasizing the toll it had taken on her mental and physical health. In response to Kelly’s claims, Moriarty clarified that the photo in question was taken over a decade ago, long before she reached legal drinking age, and slammed the video’s widespread inaccuracies.

The actress described being taken aback by the amount of misinformation and recounted her upsetting experience, including scathing comments that prompted her to disable her social media comments section. Moriarty condemned the harassment she has received, claiming it has crossed the line into false news and describing the situation as heartbreaking.

Moriarty explained her decision to leave social media, citing the platform as a way to connect with fans, share brand endorsements, and provide updates. However, the actress stated that she intended to devote her time and energy to her work, emphasizing that social media was not a natural fit for her personality.

She emphasized the importance of acknowledging the limited representation of a person’s life provided by social media and urged empathy, emphasizing that people never truly know what others are going through. She condemned the verbal abuse and false information directed at her, holding those responsible to account for their actions.

Erin Moriarty concluded her message with a direct rebuke, chastising Megyn Kelly and Fox News for perpetuating harmful narratives and for attempting to use her image to advance a misguided message. Despite the heartbreak caused by cyberbullying, Moriarty demonstrated her resilience and issued a powerful statement condemning the false allegations that had tarnished her reputation.

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