Euphoria season 2 episode 2 wasn’t quite exciting as the first episode of this season but it was still pretty entertaining and I believe it sets the stone for all the storylines that will happen in this season.

This episode starts off with Nate juggling two women he doesn’t deserve. Nate is lusting over Cassie right now because the two have voids that they can fulfill. Nate also have love for Maddy but must keep her happy because she still has the disk that shows his dad Cal Jacobs is having sex with an underage Jules. Nate lets his lust for Cassie overtake his knowledge of the extreme circumstances because he eventually hooks up with Cassie at the end of the episode. This will lead to a lovers triangle that won’t be good for anybody including Cal Jacobs and Jules.

The disk will most likely ruin the friendship Jules and Maddy are starting to form because when Jules finds out she has a disk of her having sex with Cal Jacobs she’s going to lose her damn mind. This also leaves Maddy in harm’s way because Cal will do anything to protect himself. It’s sad to say this but if Cal Jacobs died, it would make these characters have a little bit of light in this dark world.

Rue and Elliot have a great dynamic but it’s very unhealthy for both of them. These characters really understand each other. Elliot seems like the first character in Euphoria who doesn’t try to fix Rue but just tries to understand her. He’s not pushing her to be a better person but he’s enabling her by allowing her to revert back to her old ways. Elliot is Rue’s escape from reality.

Kat is struggling with self hate which is sad to see because she has someone in her life that loves her more than she loves herself. I do believe this will eventually lead to Kat cheating on Ethan. Which will be sad for Kat because once she goes down that road then she will realize how good she actually had it but it will be too late.

Fez and Lexi come together in this episode but it was awkward because Faye sort of cock blocked them. Fate being at the store when Lexi arrived has left some doubt with Lexi. I don’t see Fez and Faye ever being together but Lexi seems to second guess herself. Fez really seems to end Lexi but doesn’t know how to express himself. I hope we get more scenes of these two together.

Ali and Rue deserve to have at least a 5-10 minute scene for everybody episode going forward this season. These two characters on screen are must watch TV. They always leave us with hidden gems and the show feels so real when they are on screen together. I predict that Ali and Leslie Bennet might become an item after the two met for the first time this episode. Ali didn’t throw Rue under the bus this episode because he knows exactly what Rue is going through right now. I am waiting for Gia Bennet to pop this season. Gia also brings Rue to reality because deep down as her big sister she doesn’t want to see Gia go down the same road.

What was your favorite part of this episode?