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Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 Review: All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name

by Wayne Ayers
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The ‘Euphoria’ season 2 finale starts off with Custer trying to have a conversation with Fez. Which ultimately led to Custer telling him that the cops found mouse murder. Faye drops the plate on purpose to tell Fez to shut his damn mouth but Ashtray really had to Ashtray at the wrong damn moment. Custer died but he didn’t even have to and the way Faye covered up Fezco and Ashtray up for mouse murder was perfect.

Fez and Lexi talking about their dreams. I really want to see them live on a farm together but that’s not likely going to happen after the flashback of their conversation goes back to Fez trying to figure out a way to cover up Custer murder. Lexi proceeds to check her phone to see why Fez isn’t at her play.

Next, Cassie is shown in demon mode after her sister just embarrassed her boyfriend. Cassie looks like a cold blooded killer waiting for the right time to strike. The funny thing about this scene is Rue looks excited for the smoke. Cassie’s mother realizes all hell is about to break loose when Cassie walks towards the stage through the auditorium to confront Lexi. Cassie goes on stage to make an emotional statement. She takes over the stage and eventually drags Lexi onto stage. Their mother hits the stage and tries to drag Cassie off stage but it doesn’t go well because Cassie really begins to shred her sister. The best thing about this entire scene is when Maddy and Cassie start arguing with each other during the play. After, the argument Cassie beats up her look alike and Maddy couldn’t take it anymore so she b*tch slaps Cassie and chases her off stage.

The chaos settles down for a little bit and goes into Rue telling Elliot that he accidentally saved her life. It seems like Rue is changing for their good but we will see how the rest of the episode goes. Elliot begins to sing Rue, a beautiful song. Which was probably written by Labrinth and Zendaya. Surprisingly Elliot sounds pretty good, truly I don’t know if Dominic Fike has a singing background but he did what had to be done for this scene. Rue and Elliot begin to play truth or dare, Elliot asks Rue if it’s possible for them to be friends. Personally, I think Rue and Elliot should be friends because he truly cares about Rue and looked out for her when she absolutely needed it.

Bobbi finally got some lines in ‘Euphoria’ season 2. Bobbi and Lexi had a conversation backstage after all the chaos Cassie provided on stage. I hope Bobbi and Lexi become best friends. My favorite moment so far in this episode is when Rue starts Lexi’s chant. Lexi takes the stage and shows Fez appreciation when he’s not there. The saddest part of the show happens when Fez prepares to take the blame for Ashtray. Ashtray begins to prepare for war with the cops as he pulls out the straps. Fez begs Ashtray to give him the gun but Ashtray pops him with the gun and locks the bathroom door.

They enter the next scene when Nate Jacobs loads up a gun right before paying his father a visit. Nate and Cal have a conversation about Cal happiness. Nate talks about finding his father videos of having sex with other men at 11 years old. Cal begins to kick everybody out and apologizes for the way he treated Nate. The police show up because Nate calls them after apparently giving them a disk with Cal having sex with underage men.

Police bust into Fez house which led to Ashtray eventually shooting Fez and Ashtray has a Scarface scene with the police which was pretty epic but ultimately led to him ending up like Tony Montana.

The next scene goes into Rue’s speech at her father’s funeral. Which goes back and forth from the play version of Rue to the actual Rue. Eventually, we see Lexi’s memories of seeing her father and Rue on the hospital bed. This play to me is Lexi’s way of showing all her friends and family who they actually are and wants to see them change. I really do think Lexi wants everybody to heal but especially Rue. I loved how Rue sat there watching the character in the play do the same speech she did at her father’s funeral. It showed Rue that at least one person in this world really cares about her. Rue congratulates Lexi on her play via phone call, which led to Rue going over to Lexi house and letting her know her play meant the world to her. The two talk about losing their dads. Rue wants to move forward and let the pain go of losing her father. This scene might be the best written scene in the ‘Euphoria’ series and I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes viewers cry.

Rue and Jules have a one sided conversation which Jules did all the talking but Rue did give Jules multiple kisses on her forehead before dipping out of the auditorium. Rue revealed she stayed clean during the rest of the school year. Which ended up being the last moments of ‘Euphoria’ season 2.

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