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Every Pros and Cons You Need to Know Before Watching ‘The Marvels’

by Tatyana Arrington

In anticipation of the screening for “The Marvels,” directed by Nia DeCosta, I must admit I was initially concerned that I might need to dive into one of those “Everything You Need to Know Before Watching The Marvels” YouTube videos. Thankfully, I was good to go. Even if you missed “Wandavision,” “Ms. Marvel,” and “Secret Invasion,” which unfold between “Captain Marvel” and “The Marvels,” the movie remains remarkably easy to follow.

The film centers around a trio of characters—New Jersey fangirl teen Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris)—who unite to defeat the newest adversary, Dar Benn (Zawe Ashton). Dar Benn’s mission is to acquire the Quantum Bands to seize global control and avenge her people, the Kree. The catch? Kamala possesses one Quantum Band, a bangle, a cherished gift from her grandmother. However, Dar Benn requires both Quantum Bands to unleash her full potential.

Complicating matters further, the trio grapples with an unusual intergalactic body-switching predicament that occurs whenever they employ their powers. This unique twist lends itself to entertaining and engaging fight sequences.

There’s also Captain Marvel’s long-awaited reunion with Monica, who, to her surprise, has grown up and developed her own superhuman abilities. Their meeting is awkward, but they must put aside their differences to defeat Dar Benn’s power-hungry quest.

Let’s jump into the pros and cons of The Marvels:


  • The trio’s shared body-switching dynamic leads to captivating and dynamic fight scenes, presenting some of the most visually stimulating choreography seen in recent MCU history.
  • The film maintains the MCU’s tradition of humor, with standout comedic moments, including scenes involving cats and a nation of singing people, offering plenty of laughs.
  • The film’s conclusion promises a satisfying ending with the return of a beloved character. 
  • A cameo by Tessa Thompson is a delightful surprise for fans. (Spoiler)
  • Don’t miss the end credit scene—it’s an absolute game-changer! 
  • The inclusion of Kamala’s family adds a heartwarming dimension to the film, allowing audiences to connect with their dynamic if you loved them from Ms. Marvel.


  • Director Nia DeCosta’s insistence on keeping the film under two hours, with a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes, makes it the shortest MCU movie to date. While this keeps the film fast-paced, it may leave some viewers wishing for more time to fully absorb and savor the plot and character development.
  • While Zawe Ashton as Dar Benn puts forth a formidable effort, she doesn’t quite measure up to the imposing presence of Thanos, leaving some viewers yearning for a more menacing antagonist.
  • There’s only one end credit scene, it’s a great one though.

Finally, “The Marvels” offers a mix of serious and silly moments, as well as exciting fight sequences that audiences will enjoy in theaters.

“The Marvels” hits theaters on Friday, November 10th.

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Derrick November 10, 2023 - 12:31 am

This movie was ass as hell. Marvel needs to revamp immediately.

Amy November 9, 2023 - 10:15 pm

This movie was alright. Wouldn’t pay to watch it again.

Erin November 9, 2023 - 10:05 pm

Tatyana you have to be real. This whole movie was absolutely dog shit.

Hunter November 9, 2023 - 9:52 pm

I wasted my time.

Max November 9, 2023 - 8:30 pm

This was movie was trash stop being so nice with the review.

Olivia November 9, 2023 - 6:15 pm

Tatyana did you do a TikTok about the movie?

Casey November 9, 2023 - 6:12 pm

Great review Tatyana

Kira November 9, 2023 - 6:12 pm

I love this review.


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