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‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 7 Review: The Theater and It’s Double

by Wayne Ayers
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First of all I want Lexi Howard to receive the Emmy for outstanding directing for a drama series for the latest episode of Euphoria. Maude Apatow takes over as Lexi Howard. Lexi’s play, “Our Life,” which features her side of her friendship with Rue, her take on Maddy, how she sees Cassie and a gratuitous homoerotic scene featuring Ethan as Nate! This might be one of the most impressive episodes in the entire series.

Lexi’s play starts off beautifully with showcasing her friendship with Rue. Some would argue that it’s really the only bright spot of the play. The way she empathizes with Rue even when their friendship isn’t the greatest and sometimes distant. Lexi truly loves Rue and wants to see her be happy but doesn’t shy away from Rue flaws. I really want Rue to sober up and try to rekindle that friendship with Lexi.

Cassie looked like the typical dumb Broadway during the play and wouldn’t be surprised if she ruins the play in the finale of season 2 next week. The way Lexi portrayed her sister was very accurate but it was a bad look for Cassie. Lexi was in Cassie’s shadow and really ended up putting Cassie first in a lot of situations. Lexi goes in on her sister’s insecurities and always relying on a boy to keep her happy. I personally was hoping it would be a reality check for Cassie but we’ll find out in next week’s episode.

Maddy was completely blindsided by Lexi’s play but I believe she will use this experience to help her move forward in life. Another thing about this episode is Lexi even cut out Kat scenes in this play. Like can we get Kat some screen time in season 3. She really starts to appreciate Lexi’s play when she goes in on Nate Jacobs.

The funniest part of the play is when Lexi embarrassed Nate in front of the whole town. Lexi had Ethan portray Nate in the play. The play pretty much exposes Nate of being gay, which is not a problem at all but to Nate it is because he doesn’t want to be reminded that the Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to his father. Nate hates everything about his father and still has nightmares about him. Nate was so upset that he left the theater and broke up with Cassie due to how he was portrayed in the play.

Fezco not being at the play was the most concerning thing about this episode. Things were heating up at the house when he was getting ready to leave the play. I feel like the police arrested him for mouse murder right before he left the play due to Faye and Custer snitched on him or it could be Ashtray killed Custer because he found out he was trying to shut down the family business and they had to get rid of the body. We will find out hopefully in next week’s episode.

Leslie’s chat with Rue was an eye opener for the viewers and hopefully Rue. Gia grades are dropping, she’s been in detention three times in a span of two weeks, and her demeanor has completely changed. Leslie realizes her other daughter is slipping and pretty much tells Rue that she will not see both of her daughters’ lives slip away from her. Leslie wants to save Gia even if she has to lose Rue through the process. Rue realizes her support system could be coming to an end by her 18 birthday.

What are your thoughts about this week’s episode?

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