This episode isn’t as entertaining as the previous episodes but I love how they are building up this upcoming final showdown by giving screen time to characters such as Annie Leonhart and Hitch Dreyse. I loved how they gave Annie a back story just to probably end up dead because that’s the type of sht ‘Attack on Titans’ writers are on throughout the series. Annie’s adoptive father trains her to be soldiers which she ultimately surpasses him. During her training, you see him treat Annie like sht but from my perspective you see him train her like that to be prepared for this crazy world. Once Annie ascends you see him tell her that he wants her to be safe and return home one day. I do wonder if Annie could swing the tide because she has spent the last couple of years just listening and reflecting. She could possibly make a tremendous impact. It felt like they tried to bring Annie up to speed in this episode.

Annie’s backstory will have you disappointed in the Eldian and Marleyan forces. If these two sides could have found a way to find peace then we probably wouldn’t even have a show to be honest but it still drives you crazy. The two sides could have created a beautiful world but instead made weapons and now they are both to blame for what Eren is about to do to this world.

Floch needs to die already because he’s been pissing me off this entire season. Especially after he executed the Anti-Marleyan soldier. He also revealed that he knew Erens plan about using the Founding Titan power to destroy the world. Everyone seems petrified of Floch but I personally would have ended him right after he admit that to everyone in the room.

‘Attack on Titan’ season 4 episode 23 titled ‘Sunset’ is quite fitting. Every character has a sense of urgency and fear for the worse since the world is coming to the end. From Annie trying to return home to Armin flipping out on Mikasa over the Eren situation. Armin steep so low that he says they shouldn’t have brought him back.

Lastly, I’m just happy to see Captain Levi alive. I’ve been upset the entire Part 2 because my boy didn’t have any screen time but in the last 17 seconds of this episode. Behalf of the Levi Ackerman fan club I just want to say thank you to Hange because she’s the real MVP for taking care of him throughout this entire part 2 of season 4.’ Showing Captain Levi having some sort of pulse in this episode was very important. Once he’s back upright and standing on his own two feet then these characters will start acting right again.

Watch the full episode here and watch my podcast interview with Bryce Papenbrook (who voices Eren Jaeger) speaking about the final season of AOT here.