The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn LA Concert Review: Redemption For The King Of The Fall

The Weeknd's After Hours Til Dawn LA Concert Review: The King of the Fall Redemption

The Weeknd's After Hours Til Dawn LA Concert Review: The King of the Fall Redemption Photo credit - Will Navarro / SoFi Stadium

Photo credit – Will Navarro / SoFi Stadium

After The Weeknd lost his voice after performing four songs on his September 3rd show at Sofi Stadium for the After Hours, Til Dawn tour left fans stunned and saddened. The Queen street legend put on a performance for the ages at his redemption show in Los Angeles last night.

He flat-out sang his ass off, which makes sense in the world to reschedule. From seeing the energy from the fans after he performs hit after hit to seeing him control the crowd to seeing the great production with the lights, music, and the stage.

The Weeknd performed a majority of records from his last two albums, After Hours and Dawn FM. The other tracks came from My Dear Melancholy, Starboy, and Beauty Behind The Madness. He did throw in some records for the OG XO fans from Kissland and House of Balloons. Now, let’s get into my least favorite and favorite moments from his concert.

Something I disliked about the concert was his performance of his song “Faith,” which is my favorite song from his After Hours album. I remember feeling the energy from that song when I first heard it. The luscious beat switches were out of this world, so I was expecting a little more. It wasn’t a bad performance, but something was missing. I don’t know what it was, and if I knew, I would tell him because it’s irking me right now just thinking about it.

I would love to see him turn a few records from Thursday and Echoes of Silence mixtapes into transitions for his current songs. I didn’t expect him to perform any of those songs because it’s been over a decade, but it would be fun to tease his hardcore fans.

Another thing I wish he would have done is keeping that same transition he did for Blinding Lights during his Super Bowl performance because that was one of his best transitions ever. He should have kept that transition for the rest of his career.

The last thing I might have been tripping, but I don’t believe he performed Earned It, which was the best song he does live. Those were the only thing I had a problem with his performance.

Now let’s get to my favorite moments. I’m not going to lie. Less Than Zero sounds way better live than it does on the album. I liked the song, but the way he performed was incredible. I don’t want to go overboard, but I would love for him to release a live version of that song.

The Hills, Heartless, I Feel It Coming, Sacrifice, The Morning, and How Do I Make You Love Me?, were some highlights of the show. Die For You and Call Out My Name are my favorite songs he performed back to back. To perform at night in the dark, he made fans blinded by the lights for an epic finale.

The Weeknd went above and beyond with this performance, and I hope people overseas will enjoy the concert as much as I did. He will announce dates for the second leg of his ‘After Hours til Dawn Tour’ soon.

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