Tawiah is a talented alternative soul artist who has been dazzling us with her talents for a number of years now, but she has taken things to a whole new level with the release of her brilliant new album, Ertha. The project is a collaboration with another artist, Al Moore, and the two have created something truly special that deserves to be heard by the masses.

The project, made during the Covid-19 lockdowns, is a concept album and so is best consumed in its entirety to understand and take in the full story of what’s being told. The 10 tracks on the album showcase a series of original writings and poems by Al that discuss the journey of the human life from birth to death and Tawiah’s musical interpretation of these writings. The final product is stunning and sounds almost like a film score, with “Birth” and “Child” being notable highlights.

Speaking further on the making of the new album, Tawiah says: “The process of collaborating with Al within the limitations of my home studio has been liberating; it forced me to work in new ways and to push myself musically. My creativity feels limitless and unbounded. I see now that, like Ertha, getting lost is what gives us the strength of character we need to find, and be, who we really are. I’m grateful for this journey.”

Check out the album below: