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The Fayetteville prophet is BACK!

J.Cole promised and delivered on his track Middle Child, this is the first track of many that we will be hearing from theJ.Cole and Dreamville label this year.

He talks about all the little and upcoming artist in the rap game. He dissects and reflects on the current state of black culture in America. He salutes and respects his peers and the rappers that came before him on the track. J.Cole might have dropped a subliminal diss to Kanye West as well.

Cole goes on the offense on this track. He comes out aggressive with a laid back conscious flow. He keeps it one hundred like normally. The main difference between J.Cole on this song and his last two projects is the production. T-Minus produced a bump in the whip track for J.Cole, which we haven’t really seen his last two projects besides his song KOD.

2019 might be the year of J.Cole. In 2017, Kendrick Lamar was known as the greatest rapper in the game when he dropped his album DAMN. In 2018, Drake was the greatest rapper in the game while even taking the loss to Pusha-T. Drake spent over 30 weeks at the number ONE spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. This would be a great year for J.Cole to be recognize as the best rapper in the game.



They act like two legends cannot coexist

But I’d never beef with a nigga for nothin’

If I smoke a rapper, it’s gon’ be legit

It won’t be for clout, it won’t be for fame

It won’t be ’cause my shit ain’t sellin’ the same

It won’t be to sell you my latest lil’ sneakers

It won’t be ’cause some nigga slid in my lane

Everything grows, it’s destined to change

I love you lil’ niggas, I’m glad that you came

I hope that you scrape every dollar you can

I hope you know money won’t erase the pain


Too many niggas in cycle of jail

Spending they birthdays inside of a cell

We coming from a long bloodline of trauma

We raised by our mamas, Lord we gotta heal

We hurting our sisters, the babies as well

We killing our brothers, they poisoned the well

Distorted self image, we set up to fail

I’ma make sure that the real gon’ prevail, nigga


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