Morgan Robinson knew from a young age she would fight for her country. When Robinson turned 21 she joined the Army National Guard. In 2016, Robinson was sent on her first deployment in Kuwait.

“When she was in Kuwait, she was sexually assaulted and continually harassed by one of her superiors,” Morgan Mother, Debbie told CBS. Morgan reported the assault but received no response and no one was held accountable for their disgusting actions.

While on that same deployment, Morgan was sent to Afghanistan, where she was sexually assaulted again. Multiple fellow soldiers allegedly gang raped her. Morgan was afraid to report what happened in Afghanistan, Debbie said.

In April 2018, then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis said there was zero tolerance for sexual assault.

“While battlefield casualties are a reality of war, we will accept no casualties due to sexual assault in our military family,” Mattis said.

Four months later, Morgan died by suicide.