Father Accused of Drugging Girls at Sleepover with Sedative-Laced Smoothies

Father Accused of Drugging Girls at Sleepover with Sedative-Laced Smoothies

Michael Meyden, 57, is accused of drugging three 12-year-old girls at his daughter’s sleepover last summer in Lake Oswego. Court records obtained by Oregon Live provide a distressing narrative of events, giving light on the alleged acts that occurred at Meyden’s home.

According to reports, Meyden surrendered to Clackamas County Jail following a police investigation sparked by a disturbing visit to Randall Children’s Hospital. Three young girls attending Meyden’s daughter’s sleepover tested positive for benzodiazepine, a powerful depressive, raising concerns and prompting an extensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding their illness.

The probable cause affidavit describes a worrisome chain of events, saying that Meyden tainted mango smoothies with benzodiazepine before serving them to the innocent girls. However, the affidavit does not provide a clear motive for Meyden’s actions, leaving many concerns unanswered.

During the sleepover, the girls reported feeling progressively sleepy, with several experiencing blackouts. Meyden’s active participation in the evening’s activities, notably in leading the children and supervising their sleep routine, sparked suspicion among those there. The basement served as the major location for their activities, which included harmless diversions like movie watching and facials.

Crucially, the affidavit outlines instances in which Meyden reportedly exerted control over the girls’ behavior, urging they to drink the tainted smoothies despite their objections. Witnesses describe Meyden’s repeated efforts to ensure the girls drank the beverages, including preparing a second serving for one of them who first declined.

Meyden’s actions during the night reportedly became more frightening as he was reported to be testing the girls to see if they were asleep. Physical abuse incidents, such as moving one girl’s arm and shifting her body, contributed to the unsettling environment that pervaded the sleepover.

Despite her rising discomfort, one of the girls managed to alert her mother to the upsetting situation, appealing for rapid rescue from what she considered to be a hostile atmosphere. Concerned parents intervened, abruptly ending the sleepover and transporting the affected ladies to the hospital, where their drug tests came back positive.

Following these shocking disclosures, Meyden is now facing a slew of accusations, including inducing another person to swallow a prohibited substance and applying a controlled substance to another person’s body. Despite pleading not guilty during his arraignment, Meyden’s bail was set at $50,000, reflecting the seriousness of the charges made against him.

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