What do you get when you mix a professional track athlete who doesn’t know he’s gay and a malfunctioning conversion therapy chip — A situation gone wrong, but a pilot done very, very right.

Producer, writer, director and actor Philip Johnson is the brains behind the series.
“Flip Flop” Tv Show tells the story of professional track athlete Phil Johnson, who up until his early twenties has been living his life as a straight male athlete. Everything has been chill, until a night out flips everything upside down.

While breaking it down on the dance floor with his triplet siblings, Phil slips and falls and the microchip implanted in his brain malfunctions…. bringing his urges for the same sex back with a vengeance.
Phil tries to keep his sexuality a secret but after a leaked video outs him, business deals are lost, he’s confronted by his girlfriend and he truly must explore who he really is and how it impacts the world he has known.
“Flip Flop” is a must-watch with the beginning inklings of genius similar to the likes of  Issa Rae’s “ Awkward Black Girl”.
It’s funny without being gimmicky and weighs the dichotomy the relationship between heterosexual and same sex males and how convoluted that becomes when someone is hiding their sexual identity.
Flip Flop poses the following question: Is it that big of a deal who you decide to lay down with? No. But it does speak bigger volumes about what it takes to keep the parts of your identity separated and hidden from others.
If this is what the Pilot has in store, we at Where is the Buzz can’t wait to see the coming episodes.