PRU – A school for excluded pupils

PRU is a comedy about a group of teens struggling to navigate adolescence in a pupil referral unit, a school for excluded kids. Told through the eyes of four charismatic but complex young people, for whom sometimes even the smallest of obstacles can feel like the end of the world.

Sienna – Nkechi Simms
Belle – Pia Somersby
Halil – Jaye Ersavas
Jaeden – Michael ‘MBbants’ Boahen
Jean – Hannah Walters
Anthony – Tom Moutchi
Ruben – Tolu Sona
Noah – Will Hislop
Michael – Richie Campbell
Gemma – Laura Smyth
Berdan – Umit Ulgen
Writers – Alex Tenenbaum and Nathaniel Stevens

PRU launches on Thursday 26 May on BBC Three at 10pm, with all episodes available from 6am as a boxset release on BBC iPlayer.

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