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This past weekend, Handy Foundation Inaugural Virtual Gala – hosted by Actor/Comedian Nika King (HBO’s “Euphoria”,) drew over 200+ attendees from all over the country, to celebrate Handy Foundations founder’s day, the graduates from their 2020-2021 Assistant Editor Training program and to join the movement supporting diversity in the entertainment industry.

The virtual event live streamed Sunday June 27th, opening with a video clip displaying some of the amazing work that participants of the 2020-21 Handy Foundation’s cohorts and their instructors have put into building long and short term success. Host Nika King, also reflected on the viral Facebook post, Handy foundation founder, Ri-Karlo Handy posted “looking for black editors”, which lead to the inception of Handy Foundation. Handy later joined the discussion sharing the direction that the Handy Foundation will move over the coming years.

The Gala also featured an insightful discussion with panelists, award-winning Actor/Author and Keynote speaker, Hill Harper and Research Scientist with Annenberg’s Inclusion Initiative, Katherine Pieper. Hill shared his wisdom as an actor, regarding the lack of diversity in the TV/film industry; while Pieper shared the break down of Annenberg Inclusion Initiative stats, providing a clear direction on how to make an impact. “There’s a huge misconception about what it means to create inclusion. People see this as losing their seat at the table instead of, we’re bringing up another chair and expanding opportunities for everyone”~Katherine Pieper.



Spring 2021 Graduates

  • Dalia Soto-Beltran
  • Omar Chavez
  • Amberlin McCormick
  • Ricky Denham
  • Hector Espinoza
  • Kasey Martin
  • Dean Gaddi
  • Karina Munoz
  • Pricilla Oliveria
  • Max Robertson
  • Max Rojas
  • Jesica Rojas
  • Manny Shaw
  • Langdon Van
  • Pierre Williams
  • Toni Williams

Winter 2020 Graduates

  • Ricky Anderson
  • Jeremy Buchanan
  • Stephen Hartfield
  • Pluria Marshall III
  • Monsor Middleton
  • Perry Pang
  • Cortney Taborn
  • Vivian Tse

A few graduates shared testimonials of their experience, going through the Assistant Editor’s training program (sponsored by LA Urban League) inspiring attendees and future trainees.

“As someone coming from Inglewood, that only did 2 YouTube videos, I was a little nervous, because, I didn’t understand my own potential until, I was able to be apart of the program.”~ Katelyn Hill

“They needed a specific person for the show. Somebody who was able to understand the Spanish culture, the Mexican culture, that was bilingual and they were so amazing at connecting me with it.”~Dalia Soto Beltran

“Ri-Karlo actually asked me to do a marketing video for the Handy Foundation at the start and I was so honored to do that when he first brought me in. He said I see talent with you and that just brought so much pride in me that I didn’t really have before. Now I’m currently working at Warner Digital Media doing marketing posts for Snap chat for the TV show Extra.” ~Monsor Middleton
Handy Foundations Virtual Gala, the Assistant Editor Training Program and the impact it has made over the past year, would not be possible without, the tireless dedication of Handy Foundations founder, Ri-Karlo Handy, our staff, partners, City of Los Angeles (Hire LA’s Youth), Coalition for Responsible Community and Development, For the Children, Assistant Editor Instructor Monika Cox, Level 1 and 2 instructors Zarah Framer and Carl Gist and Handy Foundations production partners, HBO, Starz, Urban League LA, Warner Horizons, ITV, Lions gate, Tinopolis, IPC.

Applications are now being accepted for the summer 2021 session. Deadline to apply is July 7th. Sessions begins on July 17th Apply HERE.

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