Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed an auto shop security guard in Gardena Thursday evening.

Andres Guardado an 18 year-old Latino boy who was shot 7 times on his knees, hands behind his head unarmed.

Guardado was working a second job at the auto shop so he can pay for school.

Andrew Heney, the autoshop owner that hired 18-year-old Andres Guardado as security that was murdered by LASD said the cops broke his security cameras and broke into his shop and stole the DVR with the recordings.

Andres was talking to a couple girls in their car when Sheriff’s drew guns, pursued, and killed Andres, according to Memo Torres.

The police were not called by anybody. Why the the sherrif’s pulled up and pointed guns at Andres is a mystery. There was no reason for them to be there.

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