Despite welcoming twins Rumi and Sir Carter in June, the relationship that has been deemed ‘couple goals’ has (like all good relationships) been on shaky ground recently. According to Jay-Z’s apology song “Family Feud,” even the Carter’s have been on bad terms. The artist teased a snippet of the new video on Twitter that features HOV and Queen Bey in a mock confessional booth.

Family Feud is a song on Jay-Z’s latest project, 4:44. The song is said to be a response to his wife’s album, Lemonade that documented pain, vengefulness, and hurt as well forgiveness in light of betrayal. In the song, Jay seems to be apologetic for allegedly stepping out in the relationship, being the cause of pain, and the album brings to the light some common yet taboo issues including stillborn babies in the couple’s past. Beyoncé’s song Sorry also mentioned “children both alive and dead” in poems she featured in the visual project, Lemonade.

The teaser, released on Tidal’s Twitter account, gets down and dirty with the Queen reacting to an unidentified man getting cozy with another woman. The teaser shows that the video also takes place in a mock confessional booth reminiscent of the Catholic Church. The 34-second clip has many references and is also staged in a traditional Catholic Church which sets the tone for the “confessions.”

The teaser doesn’t end with just the confessional either, the couples five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy also makes a cameo in the video. Blue Ivy, who is one of the most visible celebrity children is usually seen alongside her parent on social media on lavish vacations and with family. In the teaser, Blue is seen walking down the middle aisle of the church hand-in-hand with her father. Beyoncé dons some sort of Black mitre-styled hat to signify her role as a saint, yet they both seem to sit in the confessional as sinners, Bey sporting a black cocktail dress and white fur, while Jay-Z wears an all-white shirt.

To find out who’s the true saint and whose the sinner, you’ll have to stay tuned for the full video to drop. Follow Tidal on Twitter @Tidal.