A video of an Asian woman on Tik Tok being allegedly assaulted and gaslighted by two white men in Toronto is making its rounds on social media.

A Tik Tok user that goes by (@alicedoisme) uploaded a video accusing two white men of hitting her on the street and calling her Asian slurs. When the men got put on camera, they accused her of lying: while it appeared to be in a sarcastic tone. One of the men in the video attempted to grab her phone.

Alice Do speaks more about the situation in her comment section of the Tik Tok post. She says, “The guy on right tried to chase me down to tell me he used to live in Japan for years and had lots of Asian friends so his saying was a joke-And that he had Asian friends so those weren’t racism- when I tried to walk away because it was a nice day and I just wanted to enjoy my day. They dared me to post to TikTok because they said they had lots of Asian friends and that was how they joke with each other. Any of their friends pls-educate them that yelling slurs and all to an Asian stranger that they accidentally stumbled into them wasn’t a good idea.”

The two white men in the video got identified by Danesh as Jerry Jarosinski and Tom Supra.