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Juliet Callahan Shines On Moody New Single Venom

by Diana Wilson
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American alternative pop-rock singer-songwriter Juliet Callahan is back with her new single ‘Venom.’ Blending elements of electronic pop with distorted, amplified instrumental, Callahan’s tracks see her melodic, hypnotic vocals float above a multifaceted, genre-bending backdrop.


The new single Venom is a prime example of her work – trap beats, deep sub bass, airy synths mixed with grungy guitar lines, and Callahan’s ethereal, haunting, and effortlessly pin-point, silky vocal delivery. Dark, melancholic and yet retaining commercial accessibility. The single balances itself perfectly, capturing a musical complexity and unique soundscape under its pop exterior.
Talking about the single, Juliet Callahan explains: “Venom is about facing the pain that is rooted in people who have turned their back on you or hurt you to whom you still feel connected. It is about processing that pain by letting go and realizing that you cannot change them or the outcome of the situation. It is about learning to love yourself when you are alone with your thoughts and about self-empowerment.”

Touching on many raw emotions through her writing, from heartbreak to love and relationships, Juliet uses her music as a cathartic healing process while also writing songs that can be relatable and can offer a healing process for her listeners: “Writing is my therapeutic outlet to express myself. But I am also deeply motivated to write to whoever may be listening so that you all can feel like you’re not alone through the milestones we all face in the ups and downs of life. To know that others find solace in my music makes me feel complete and motivates me to keep working hard in a tough industry.”

Inspired by a range of artists such as Lil Peep, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, and Limp Bizkit, Juliet possesses a drive and determination to create her unique sound and express her realist message to the public while simultaneously working through her inner demons. A rapidly growing independent artist with a lot of potentials, Juliet Callahan’s new single ‘Venom’ is released on August 5th.

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