Justice For Kionte Spencer: Roanoke Police Department Allegedly Edits Dash Cam Footage For Murdering A Young Black Man

Kionte Spencer was an 18 year-old senior in high school and resident of Roanoke County, VA. Kionte was shot and killed by Roanoke County Police on February 26, 2016 while walking by a busy street near where he lived.

According to Roanoke Police Department, Kionte Spencer, who had headphones in, was holding what appeared to be a pistol and did not drop it despite repeated commands to do so. After attempts to hit the teen with Tasers failed, two officers shot him. He died soon after. The object in Spencer hand turned out to be a broken BB gun.

The protests around the world are bringing renewed interest into some old police brutality cases. The family of Kionte Spencer is currently fighting to see the raw dash cam footage from the night of the shooting.

The family held a press conference on Monday to demand justice for Kionte Spencer. Kionte brother, Carl Spencer, revealed that the footage was edited. He says, ‪”Some pieces of the video show my brother as he was followed by police, then suddenly some frames of the video, my brother was just not visible‬.”

‪Carl has only seen blurry pictures and fragments of footage from various dashboard cameras are all he’s ever seen from the night his brother was gunned down by police officers, according to WDBJ7.‬

‪The U.S. attorney’s office in November 2016, says there was insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against the Roanoke County Police officers involved in the shooting, who were for only a brief time put on leave from the department.‬