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Keeven Robinson: Unarmed Black Man Choked Out By Police Officers

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Keeven Robinson, another unarmed Black Man killed by police! He had asthma which wasn’t how he died. He died by neck force trauma the officers did choke him which led to him dying, according to the coroner, who classified the case as a homicide.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office put the four narcotics agents involved in the confrontation on desk duty and asked Louisiana State Police and the FBI civil rights task force to join his investigation on Keeven Robinson, 22, was killed last Thursday.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto declined to release the names of the four plainclothes narcotics detectives involved in the arrest. However, Lopinto acknowledged that all four were white men.

The tragedy happened last Thursday when Keeven Robinson pulled over at a Shell gas station. He saw the detectives coming and fled in his car, hitting one of the detectives’ vehicles on the way out of the gas station.

The detectives, who were in plainclothes at the time, had displayed their badges, authorities said. They chased Robinson’s vehicle until Robinson hit another one of the detectives’ vehicles, officials said. Robinson then abandoned his car and fled on foot, jumping several fences, and police gave chase.

Ultimately, detectives caught up with Robinson, and following a “brief struggle,” handcuffed him. Lopinto said that Robinson stopped breathing, prompting detectives to start CPR. Robinson was then taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Sheriff Lopinto didn’t confirm if detectives used a choke hold during their arrest, citing the ongoing investigation. However, he said that while officers are not trained to perform a choke hold on a normal basis, “they’re not forbidden from doing that.”

Keeven Robinson Family finds out about the tragedy.

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