Shukri Abdi, a 12-year-old Somali girl was bullied by her classmates and it resulted in her death. Her bullies pushed her into a river and Abdi drowned. 

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JUSTICE FOR SHUKRI! This is so horrific….. This happened in Manchester. UK. It really speaks to how children learn racism from a young age. All of Shukri’s potential and light has been ripped from the world because some other children were failed by their parents and not taught to carry love and acceptance for all human beings in their hearts… The school and the police failed Shukri, she would still be here had they taken action the first time this CHILD suffered racist abuse. Rest in Power Angel. You deserved better. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMuslimLivesMatter #JusticeforShukri #thecommunityfailedher I have posted a petition in my stories. It will be in the Highlights label BLM. The website seems to be experiencing over crowding but keep trying!

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Some of her other classmates witnessed Abdi getting harassed and pushed into the river, yet authorities have done nothing.

Local police dismissed Shukri’s death as a “tragic accident.” According to a petition, Shukri’s mother said that her daughter did not know how to swim and playing near the river was “out of character.”

She hasn’t received justice. Shukri was the oldest of five children and had immigrated to the UK after living in a refugee camp in Somalia.

Shukri Abdi attended Broad Oak High School. They changed their name to Hazel Wood High School so that they aren’t associated with the murder of Shukri Abdi.