2018 just got a little sweeter with the birth of another heiress to the Kardashian-West empire. It’s been confirmed that on Monday, the couple’s surrogate gave birth to a baby girl. The bundle of joy is Kimye’s (a moniker dubbed by social media for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West,) third child.

Kim, who suffers from a complicated health condition that would make having another child life-threatening, opted for having their new baby via a surrogate last year, and the couple didn’t shy aware from letting the media know of their plans. Kim has also been vocal in the past about complications with her other pregnancies as well as speaking up on issues many expecting mothers face like weight gain. Kim has taken to her blog in the past on her personal website to discuss high-risk pregnancies. After her delivery to baby North West, her placenta didn’t come out, as it normally should. The condition she has is medically termed ‘placenta accreta.’ Having this condition also increased the star’s chance of preeclampsia, a serious health condition in which an expecting mother’s blood pressure climbs to an alarming rate.

Other celebrities that have come out with their own stories of high-risk pregnancies include Queen Bey – Beyoncè Knowles- Carter, and most-recently tennis prodigy, Serena Williams. Williams recently revealed in Vogue magazine her postpartum struggle with the life-threatening condition called pulmonary embolism, or PE that has to deal with blood clots forming in the lungs. Williams reportedly insisted that her doctors begin to prep her for a CT scan in the fear of the condition’s return (she’s suffered from it before) when she noticed her breathing was strained after giving birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia. From what we know, both mother and baby are doing fine.

In regards to the Kardashian-West clan, the new baby is also said to be doing well. Many fans and critics of the couple took to social media to congratulate the couple while others have speculations about the identity of the surrogate. Many are questioning if the surrogate was actually Kim’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner who revealed her pregnancy last year, while others are still bringing up the incident of Kim’s baby shower that the surrogate was allegedly not invited to. Others (like us) can’t wait to find out what the pair are planning to name the baby girl. The couple already has children named North and Saint West. Most Hollywood couples seem to be fascinated with unique names, Beyoncè and Jay- Z welcomed their twins Sir and Rumi Carter last year.  In any regard, we wish Kim and Kanye the best with their new baby!