Kylie Minogue wants Margot Robbie to play her in a biopic

Kylie Minogue wants Margot Robbie to play her in a biopic

In a recent interview, Kylie Minogue discussed her desire for a biopic and the ideal actor to portray her. “I want Margot Robbie to do my biopic,” Kylie stated in an interview with E! News. “She has the Australian accent down that’s for sure,” remarked the singer.

The singer then revealed that her ideal collaborations would be with Beyonce or Rihanna. She also stated that she enjoys indie bands such as The Killers.

Furthermore, Kylie discussed her upcoming album, Tension, stating, “What an amazing start for the Tension album. It’s a combination of club record club sounds like and it’s an emotional kind of my happy place which is like a melancholic high, happy and sad.”

Kylie also hinted at a collaboration with Madonna, to whom she extends, “well wishes.” I hope she has a speedy recovery. I feel for her,” stated the songstress.

“I feel for everyone touring, but especially women touring,” Kylie said. I think it’s just that bit more work for us and it’s so taxing on you as a whole.” “I will, I am getting my ticket and going to see Madonna when she gets back on the road,” she added.

During the interview, Kylie also addressed Miranda Lambert’s displeasure with fans taking selfies during the concert.

“When you don’t see people reacting the way that they used to where they were hands-free and they could be, you know you really feel their engagement,” she explained. Kylie noted, “So, I think anyone who knows what it was like pre-modern day that takes some getting used to. It can be frustrating but You just got to manage it,” she added.

Kylie also discussed her upcoming Vegas residency, saying she has yet to decide on a set list but hopes to include some surprises. “What we’re envisioning is that you walk into this room and you’re transported,” the Come Into My World singer said. “I’ve got my work cut out for me to choose the set list and to make sure I include a few surprises as well,” Kylie stated.

Last week, the legendary singer announced on Twitter that she would be the next diva to take on a residency at The Venetian.

Kylie will be joining an illustrious list of stars, including Cher, Celine Dion, and Britney Spears, who have all performed regular concert spectaculars in the glitzy casino city.

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