Lizzo and Kamala Harris went on Instagram live on Friday to discuss the 2020 election for “National Black Voters Day.”

Lizzo: How do you feel about people saying your policies are anti-Black?

Kamala Harris noted her civil rights roots and admitted she chose to go up the “rough side of the mountain” as a prosecutor. She also hammered home that Black people should not be excluded from any spaces.

She also talked about creating one of the first reentry programs, leading the first statewide agency in America to mandate body cameras for officers, not treating young sex workers as criminals, and other achievements people often gloss over.

I appreciate Lizzo, Cardi B, and any other celebrity using their platform to encourage people to vote but whoever running Joe Biden presidential campaign needs to do better. It seems like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris biggest interviews have come from celebrities. It’s like their team is hiding them away from the press.