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Meet the Singles Entering the Villa: Perfect Match Season 2 Cast Revealed!

by Diana Wilson
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Get ready to dive into the sandy shores of romance once again as Netflix’s hit reality series, Perfect Match gears up for its highly anticipated second season, set to premiere on June 7. With its unique blend of love, competition, and unexpected twists, the show promises to deliver another captivating journey for both contestants and viewers alike.

No matter where the journey begins — be it in the pods, at a villa policed by a robot sex cop, or in a catfish-infested chat room — all roads for Netflix’s single reality stars lead to Perfect Match. Returning with its irresistible charm, the show brings together a diverse cast of singles, each on a quest to find their ideal partner amid the picturesque backdrop of a beachside retreat.

The rules of the ultimate dating competition remain the same: The singles pair off to compete in a series of compatibility challenges under the watchful eye of host Nick Lachey. From heart-pounding adventures to intimate conversations, contestants must navigate the highs and lows of romance while forging connections that could last a lifetime.

But the journey doesn’t end there. The winning couple will have the power to bring one or two fresh faces into the villa, injecting a dose of uncertainty and potential chaos into the already-established dynamics. As alliances form and relationships are tested, viewers can expect nothing short of gripping drama and unexpected plot twists.

Before diving into the dating chaos, let’s meet the singles who’ll be vying for love and glory on Perfect Match Season 2. From familiar faces to newcomers, each contestant brings their own unique charm and backstory to the table, setting the stage for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and excitement.

Melinda Melrose (31)

Too Hot to Handle Season 2, Dated & Related Season 1


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♬ Swear By It – Chris Alan Lee

Sure, helping others find love is exhilarating, but now it’s Melinda’s turn to find her own paradise partner. Since her time hosting Dated & Related, luck hasn’t been on her side in love. Amidst her blossoming career, she’s tired of attracting clout chasers and is ready for a serious, long-term relationship. In the Perfect Match villa, she’s on a quest for genuine connections, but beware, if you don’t measure up on the compatibility scale, it’s game on.

Harry Jowsey (26)

Too Hot To Handle Season 1


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♬ original sound – Harry Jowsey

Harry’s accent may have accounted for 99% of his charm on Too Hot to Handle season 1, but his impact went beyond that, as evidenced by his role in affecting the post-show relationship dynamics between Dom and Georgia. Now, with his turn up at bat, expect Harry to make some bold moves.

Alara Taneri (25)

Dated & Related Season 1


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♬ Lemme get that – Frizz🗽.

Alara, who made waves on Dated & Related, is determined to find lasting love after her split with ex Kieran, holding out for a chivalrous gentleman who can sweep her off her feet, confident that her infectious laughter and positive energy will captivate even those already coupled up in the villa.

Trevor Sova (31)

Love Is Blind Season 6


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♬ use this if u hot – dreamgirl

After the highs and lows of Love Is Blind, Trevor is embracing a fresh start in the Perfect Match villa, prioritizing genuine connections over judging potential partners solely on looks, reflecting his brand-new mindset for the next chapter of his life.

Holly Scarfone (25)

Too Hot to Handle Season 3


♬ euphoria – ziora

Holly, the Season 3 rule-breaker, doesn’t just play mind games with the competition; as a professional psychologist, she studies them, yet her wild-child nature, earning her the nickname “Hurricane Holly,” defies expectations. Despite her graduate degree, she’s eager for love, having dated a high-profile reality star, and hopes to leave Perfect Match with a fiancé and dreams of a wedding on the horizon.

Nigel Jones (30)

Too Hot to Handle Season 4


All in weeks work ✨ walk with me! #fyp #NYC

♬ Feels Like Summer – Childish Gambino

Nigel’s million-dollar smile used to work wonders with women, but since his “Too Hot to Handle” days, the New Jersey smooth-talker has evolved emotionally, leading with his heart instead of his charm, searching for a Perfect Match who matches his wit and big personality.

Jessica Vestal (30)

Love Is Blind Season 6


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Jessica, our Love Is Blind one-liner queen, narrowly dodged playing the female lead in the chaotic Shakespearean drama of Jimmy and Chelsea. At thirty, she’s flirty and thriving as a single mom, so hoping for smoother sailing on the messy Netflix spinoff seems like wishful thinking.

Bryton Constantin (22)

Squid Game: The Challenge Season 1


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♬ Demons x im god – a7la.190syrer

Former college athlete Bryton, accustomed to flexing both muscles and strategy skills, finds competition as natural as love; for him, trust is paramount, promising unwavering faithfulness to his perfect match and expecting reciprocity, yet he won’t commit to just anyone who shows interest, as seen on Squid Game: The Challenge.

Christine Obanor (27)

Too Hot to Handle Season 5


Sorry for your loss

♬ original sound – Marsplutoedits

Christine, a self-proclaimed “6-foot-1 goddess,” is poised to sashay into the villa, prepared to outmaneuver anyone hindering her pursuit of the ideal match; having found her happily ever after on Too Hot to Handle, she’s now on the lookout for a tall, dark, and handsome companion capable of matching her wit. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, she aims to take everyone by surprise as she clinches the ultimate prize.

Kaz Bishop (31)

Dated & Related Season 1


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♬ Water – Tyla

The London bloke, back for a second chance at love after his brother Kieran’s unsuccessful attempt, finds himself disappointed with the options in his DMs despite claiming to be husband material to Netflix on Dated and Related.

Tolú Ekundare (27)

The Trust Season 1


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♬ original sound – afrobeatsreligion

Winning the trust of others has prepared Tolú for any challenge or encounter in the villa, and her knack for cashing checks means the competition shouldn’t rest easy. However, amidst it all, her true desire is to find love with a tall, dark, and handsome man who embraces her vibrant energy.

Stevan Ditter (28)

Too Hot to Handle Season 3


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♬ Captain (whistle) – Nutcase22

A rebellious Los Angeles-based model and DJ, covered in tattoos from head to toe, found himself in hot water during Too Hot to Handle, where his rule-breaking antics cost him thousands of dollars. Now embracing the single life, he’s ready to find love and settle down, particularly drawn to career-driven women with a sense of humor who aren’t afraid to take a chance on a bad boy.

Elys Hutchinson (24)

Too Hot to Handle Season 5


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♬ Originalton – Finest Music ‘ Ds

Elys, a former ski racer and Olympic prospect, effortlessly dominates in competitions, channeling her competitive nature from the slopes to the Perfect Match challenges, undeterred by any obstacles in her path, even when it comes to matters of the heart where she remains fiercely determined to prevail, regardless of the risks.

Chris Hahn (30)

Dated & Related Season 1


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♬ original sound – Chris Hahn

The New Jersey native is stepping into the competition sans his doppelgänger wingman cousin, Jason, but his infamous motto, “The less fucks you give, the more fucks you get,” coupled with his striking Prince Charming locks, promises to stir things up in the villa, for better or for worse.

Dominique Defoe (24)

Too Hot to Handle Season 4


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♬ original sound – dominique defoe

Dominique, a multifaceted Colorado native, brings brains, beauty, and an eclectic mix of skills to the competition, defying categorization as a computer science tech wiz, tarot card reader, and Instagram influencer. Since her brief stint on Too Hot to Handle, she’s been exploring her sexuality and is now open to matching up with anyone in the villa.

Izzy Zapata (32)

Love Is Blind Season 5


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♬ original sound – Izzy Zapata

After facing rejection at the altar, Izzy is ready to give love another chance in the villa, where his penchant for women with blond hair and blue or green eyes remains unchanged as he aims to find a Perfect Match power couple.

Micah Lussier (27)

Love Is Blind Season 4


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Micah, a former Love Is Blind contestant, is bravely reopening her heart, seeking a confident and self-assured partner who can impress even the toughest critic, Shelby. With her competitive spirit from her days as an athlete, she’s ready to fight for love and the ultimate prize.

Justin Assada (29)

Surviving Paradise Season 1


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♬ original sound – Justin

After being locked out of the house during his last competition series, Justin is eager to call the Perfect Match villa his permanent home, especially if it means sharing a room with a dynamic and confident woman, as he’s ready to be part of a power couple. Though history has shown blondes to be his type, he’s entering with an open heart and mind to find his most compatible match.

Xanthi Perdikomatis (25)

The Circle Season 5


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♬ OKAY JT – renny

Catfishing as a preschool teacher and then as a middle-aged dog trainer, she navigated her way to the end of The Circle; now, stepping into the villa as herself, she seeks a genuine bond with a big, burly bad boy who shares her love for Boston.

Dom Gabriel (31)

The Mole Season 1, Perfect Match Season 1


love you (say it back)

♬ original sound – peoplescontent

Clear the runway because Rom-Com Dom is back! Season 1’s Victor finds himself back on the market after his romance with Georgia unexpectedly fizzled out. Need the scoop? Just ping his castmate, Harry. Dom’s back with a vengeance, making it crystal that he’s in search of the genuine article—even if it entails perfecting those meticulously painted nails and causing a bit of chaos in paradise.

Brittan Byrd (23)

Too Hot to Handle Season 4


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Meet Brittan, the Hawaiian model who conquered Too Hot to Handle without a single rule break, now ready to shake things up in Perfect Match, willing to ruffle feathers to find her forever person, sporting a fresh attitude and hair color, prepared to unleash her adventurous spirit in the villa.

Jake Cunningham (29)

The Ultimatum: Marry of Move On Season 1

Jake, a veteran of Ultimatum, is no stranger to couple-swapping, primed for any Perfect Match drama after exiting the experiment with two severed relationships. In the Texas-based Army vet’s quest for a fresh start, he hopes to find a woman in the villa who adores dogs and ticks off all his boxes.

Keep scrolling to see which of your Netflix Reality Universe favorites are hitting the beach — and where you’ve seen them before. Get ready to witness sparks fly, hearts break, and connections blossom as Perfect Match returns to redefine the landscape of reality dating television.

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