Netflix Announces Taiwanese Romance Anthology Series ‘At the Moment’

Netflix Announces Taiwanese Romance Anthology Series 'At the Moment'

At the Moment, a Taiwanese urban romance series will premiere exclusively and globally on Netflix later this year.

The ten-episode anthology series features an unexpected love story set against the backdrop of the pandemic. At the Moment is shaping up to be a must-see romance event for the end of the year.

The production team is led by executive producer Nick Tai, who is joined by producers Chang Ya-ting and Shiou Chieh-kai, screenwriter Tu Cheng-che (Light the Night), and lead director Lien Yi-chi, as well as four other directors: Ray Wu, Kao Pin-chuan, Norris Wong, and Remii Huang.

At the Moment will feature ten heartwarming love episodes, each designed to stand alone while forming a cohesive series linked by the production of a reality dating show.

“At the Moment is an original script that screenwriter Tu Cheng-che and I developed during the filming of Light the Night. Taiwan experienced months of isolation during the pandemic, which changed the dynamics between people but created different connections,” Nick Tai said. “We observed a surge in various genres of storytelling but noticed the absence of urban romance stories that used to be prevalent. Therefore, we decided to develop a love story related to the pandemic. We hope to bring this story to the international stage to showcase the diversity of Taiwanese storytelling.”

At the Moment also has a star-studded cast with some surprising talent pairings. Popular Taiwanese host personality Dee Hsu returns to acting after a 10-year hiatus and collaborates for the first time with Wu Kang-ren, while A-list actresses Kelly Lin and Ruby Lin will share a touching love story.

Ruby Lin, Alyssa Chia and Kelly Lin are among the star-studded cast of At the Moment.
Ruby Lin, Alyssa Chia and Kelly Lin are among the star-studded cast of At the Moment.

Gingle Wang, Wu Kang-ren, Alyssa Chia, Dee Hsu, Austin Lin, Esther Liu, Huang Lu Tzu-yin (Lulu), Vivian Sung, Puff Kuo, Kelly Lin, Derek Chang, Terrance Lau Chun-him, Shiou Chieh-kai, Berant Zhu, Nash Zhang, Nikki Hsieh, Johnny Yang, and JC Lin round out the cast.

Tu Cheng-che, the film’s screenwriter, also revealed that At the Moment is an exploration of the various interpretations of love that will appeal to audiences of all ages. Tu elaborated on the series’ creative intent: “We decided to open the series with the first episode centered around a reality dating show, where real thoughts and feelings remain hidden from the camera. By opening the series with this episode, I hope that viewers will be able to identify their own authentic moments of love throughout the series.”

At the Moment is a Taiwanese anthology series that depicts 10 different stories about human connection and intersecting lives, woven together by the production of a reality dating show.