Netflix Reveals the First Look of Back to 15 Season 3

Netflix Reveals the First Look of Back to 15 Season 3

De Volta Aos 15. Larissa Manoela as Filipa, Maisa as Anita in De Volta Aos 15 Season 3. Cr. Vans Bumbeers/Netflix © 2023

What was life like for turn-of-the-millenium college students? How did they cope with the challenges and joys of adulthood, while still holding on to their childhood dreams? These are some of the questions that the third and final season of Back to 15, a Brazilian Netflix original series, aims to explore.

Back to 15 is based on the best-selling novel by Bruna Vieira, a popular blogger and author who drew inspiration from her own experiences as a young woman. The story follows Anita, a 30-year-old woman who is unhappy with her life and wishes she could go back to her teenage years. Thanks to a mysterious glitch on the Floguinho social network, she gets the chance to travel back in time and relive her past, but with a twist: she can change her decisions and alter the course of her destiny.

In the first two seasons, Anita revisited her high school days, where she faced dilemmas such as choosing a career, dealing with bullying, falling in love, and discovering her true self. Along the way, she also met her younger friends, who helped her navigate the complexities of adolescence. The series was a hit among viewers, who praised its humor, romance, and nostalgia.

Now, in the third and final season, which is currently being filmed in São Paulo, Anita and her gang have left high school and entered college. After another glitch on Floguinho, she is thrown into a different past, where she is 18 and a Visual Arts student. Anita will have to deal with life in a shared student accommodation, wild college parties, and the challenging passions of adulthood, all while trying to figure out who is traveling back in time with her, and is preventing her from putting an end to Floguinho once and for all so that she can take back control of her life.

The new season promises to be even more nostalgic, as it will feature references to the culture, music, fashion, and technology of the early 2000s, a period that many millennials can relate to. The series will also explore themes such as friendship, identity, sexuality, and social media, with a touch of fantasy and comedy.

The cast of Back to 15 includes some of the most talented and popular actors in Brazil, such as Maisa and Camila Queiroz, who played Anita in different ages, João Guilherme, Klara Castanho, Nila, Antônio Carrara, Caio Cabral, Amanda Azevedo, Dora Freind, Lucas Deluti, Bruno Montaleone, Yana Sardenberg, Alice Marcone, Gabriel Stauffer, Breno Ferreira, and Livia La Gatto.

Back to 15 returning cast
Back to 15 retuning cast

They are joined by Larissa Manoela, Faíska, Emira Sophia, Amanda Linhares, and Enzo Krieger, who are new additions to the cast of Back to 15.

New cast members from the third season of Back to 15: Faíska, Emira Sophia, Amanda Linhares and Enzo Krieger

The series is produced by Glaz Entretenimento, and directed by Dainara Toffoli, with episodes directed by Marina Person, Vitor Brandt, and Gautier Lee. The script is written by Vitor Brandt, Amanda Jordão, Gautier Lee, Luiza Fazio, and Ray Tavares, with the assistance of André Hanks.

Back to 15 is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2024, and will be the final chapter of Anita’s journey through time. Fans of the series can expect a lot of surprises, emotions, and nostalgia, as they say goodbye to their beloved characters and relive their college years.

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