Cardi B the new female rap sensation has been done wrong again by the worse rapper in the migos. Offset has been caught cheating on Cardi B again. Another sextape of Offset has been leaked.

Offset keeps disrespecting the woman who gave his career a major spark. Before Cardi B came along Offset wasn’t really big in the public eye. The only member of migos that had a big hype was Quavo.

Offset first sextape was leaked around Christmas time but it happened in the November. This video that was leaked today was recorded on December 20th. The truth will always come out.

Cardi B don’t need him. After all Cardi impacted his career more than he ever did hers. The internet is currently waiting for a Cardi B response. I think we all want to know if Offset is going to lose his wife over this incident.

Comment if you think Cardi should leave or stay with Offset.

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